Mention Monday – @RachelintheOC & @IndieBookIBC

I’m staying home sick today but in typical me fashion I feel like I have to accomplish something. So, I’m doing some homework, studying for my quiz tonight and plan to start my English paper.

 Our assignment is to write an essay analyzing an essay, short story or poem. I’m not really a poetry person and I spent last semester analyzing essays so I decided to go with a short story.

The short story I’ve chosen is one that I read in Harpers Magazine three years ago and held on to because I thought it was so good.  Death of the pugilist: Or, the famous battle of Jacob Burke & Blindman McGraw by Daniel Mason. You should check it out.

In other news, I’ve accepted a gracious invitation to participate in a free Webinar session tomorrow called Social Media for Writers Workshop hosted by Indie Book Collective. I met founding member @RachelintheOC on twitter and heard about it through her. IBC’s purpose is to help new authors market their books and use social media, etc.

I’m not ready to write a book quite yet but I fantasize about one day writing a memoir Jen Lancaster or David Sedaris style. Meanwhile, I’m sure there are some useful social media tips I can pick up.

In the spirt of Mention Monday or #MM – Rachel’s blog is hilarious and cracks me up on a daily basis so I’m sure I’m in good hands. You’ll notice she’s also in my Blog Roll. Swing by and check her out!


2 thoughts on “Mention Monday – @RachelintheOC & @IndieBookIBC

  1. Ah, sweet girl. Thanks so very much. I love seeing your comments on my stream and blog. Know you’ll LOVE the workshop, too. I think the @IndieBookIBC rocks too #der #imnotbiased #yearight

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