The Denim Guide

Every woman’s worst shopping nightmare, second only to the bikini, is designer jeans. I have literally tried on 20 pair in one visit to Saks and found only pair that fit. True story. 

If denim’s on your wish list this year, this guide is here to help you find the right pair of jeans for your body type – with as little pain and suffering as possible.

 I’ll warn you, they aren’t cheap, but they’re designer jeans. You only need one great pair, maybe two and you’re all set. They’ll last forever and get butter soft – so worth it.

Be sure to wear the shoes that you will wear most with them so that the store attendant can mark them for the tailor and send them on their way that day. I also advise that you wear a light weight comfortable shirt. You’d be surprised how hot it can get trying on jeans.

 For women with curves

It’s amazing how many denim manufacturers don’t seem to think that women have hips and thighs. News flash – we do! Most of us anyway… *cough, bitch, cough*

 Joe’s – Honey Fit: sizes 25-32 ~$174

Citizens of Humanity – Kelly Bootcut sizes 25-32 ~$198

 Larger sizes

CJ by Cookie Johnson, Plus Size Grace Bootcut: sizes 14-22 ~$174

CJ by Cookie Johnson, Plus Size Faith Straight Leg: sizes 14-22 ~$144

 For petites

Obviously all jeans have to be hemmed but if you’ve found that they don’t fit right in other places due to your vertically challenged stature, try…

 Citizens of Humanity Petite’s “Dita” Bootcut: sizes 24-32 ~$189

 For the stick figures

Yes, I do kind of hate you (joke!) but that’s not why I chose the term. There are women out there who must have a hard time shopping because they have such slim features that jeans don’t look very feminine on them. Try…

 AG Adriano Goldschmied “Stilt” Straight Leg: sizes 24-32 ~$178

Citizens of Humanity” Avedon” Slick Skinny Superstretch: sizes 24-32 ~$209

 Women with thighs and small waists

Again with the overly slim thigh cut. If you have a slim waist but your thighs are a little out of proportion, try…

 Citizens of Humanity “Ingrid”: sizes 24-32 ~$149

7 For All Mankind Bootcut sizes 24-32 ~$159


6 thoughts on “The Denim Guide

  1. Though some people quibble about whether they’re actually a designer label (who cares, right?!) 7 for All Mankind have been the holy grail for me. I totally have the figure you suggest they work best for. Right on.

    Even better, I’ve been able to find good deals on them on eBay, new with tags, now that I know how well they work for me. Like you said, you only need a couple pair of jeans in your closet as long as they have an amazing fit. I never got that until I finally found this kind of great fit. Really great advice.

    • I’m glad to hear you agree! I know what you mean. Depending on how well I’ve been behaving I move between the 7, the COH and the Joe’s. I couldn’t believe how hard it is to find jeans that fit and was heart broken to find that when you finally do, they won’t always fit (based on weight variance). Thanks so much for commenting! 🙂

  2. I’ve been looking for a good pair of designer jeans that will last (and I know dick about fashion) so this guide is helpful. I’ll be thrift store hunting for the designer stuff, though. I’d rather by fancy new electronics than pay over $200 for designer jeans. I can completely see why they’re worth it, but my body and soul wouldn’t allow me to do it!

    • Consignment shops are great for jeans too. Depending on the store you can find them for anywhere from $20 – $60. I’ve gotten lucky that way before. I know what you mean, it is painful to fork over that much.

  3. I. Despise. Jean. Shopping.
    Was just having this conversation the other day with a friend of mine. It’s totally impossible and after awhile I inevitably leave the dressing room wanting to crawl into a bathtub just so that I don’t have to wear any kind of pants for awhile.
    Cool blog.

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