A Walk in the Snark by RachelintheOC – Blog Tour de Force

Readers of RachelintheOC’s blog will be happy to know that she’s now publishing a book, A Walk in the Snark: The Best of RachelintheOC. As the name implies, the material is pulled almost exclusively from her website.

Rachel describes herself as a recovering pharmaceuticals rep and spends her spare time making us laugh. I say spare time because she’s a mother, a wife, and a full time snark. That last bit is why I love her so much.

She tells it like it is and isn’t afraid to laugh at herself – or the men around her. Her “Mancode” series attempts to make sense of the strange and often childish things that men do. You know, the things that annoy, inconvenience, or otherwise bewilder us. Like why they can’t remember that we need coffee while they’re at the grocery store and the impossibility of their EVER changing the toilet paper roll.

Rachel is a fiery red head that takes liberties in making up her own words, admits to needing vodka to survive and stands out in the sea of blondes that is Orange County.

In fairness, she accepts that women are creatures of mystery too. She explains why men should never say “we look fine” and why it takes so long for us to get ready.

She knows that the sexes speak different languages and has compiled a guide for both of us. Rachel put it best when she said “Men are from Seinfeld, women are from Friends.”

The first time I came across her blog I found myself reading post after post and laughing the whole time. This book is no different.

Check out A Walk in the Snark as well as the other books in the Blog Tour de Force at http://www.blogtourdeforce.com/Blog_Tour_de_Force/Home.html

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