Super Mouse Made a Friend

Despite our valiant efforts, we’re no closer to catching the mouse.

Last weekend we went to Ace Hardware and bought the only no-kill trap they sold. I have to say I was surprised that they only sold one kind. There were a few others marked humane but upon closer inspection I realized that by “humane” they meant the mouse would be shocked to death “quickly and painlessly”. Riiight. I guess someone believes that.

We don’t want to kill our little mousie though. The trap we bought looks sort of like the base of a hardwood floor sweeper. You know, the kind restaurants use to clean up the crumbs. It consists of two entrances with little ramps that are pressure sensitive. The idea is that the mouse walks down the ramp, the door closes and he’s stuck in the well ventilated space until you come find him and release him outside.

The instructions say not to bait the trap. What? Why on Earth would the mouse crawl in there if not to get food? We decided to put a few pieces of his favorite snack (dog food) inside. We place it in the cabinet under the sink and start checking it hourly, sure that he’ll be in there. We don’t want him to be uncomfortable or scared, after all.

Days go by and nothing happens. We’ve resorted to moving the dog food out of the oven after the last mouse update and apparently he can’t get into the cabinet we moved it to. Yet, he’s not going in the trap.

A few days ago I notice that my dog’s eating; then it gets quiet and my mama senses start to tingle. Somehow I know that he’s still in the kitchen but he’s not eating now. I glance around the corner and he’s not lying in his kitchen bed either. Hmmm. I go to see what he’s doing and discover him standing in front of the fridge with several pieces of dog food placed in front of him and watching expectantly. My doxie is feeding the mouse.

When he was a puppy he would save half of his treat and try to give it to us. This little guy tries to share his food with you. I don’t know if it’s because of or despite being an only child. For this reason, as much as I’d like to say that he got super clever and decided to bait the mouse, I know he was actually feeding it.

Super Mouse has made a friend. We’ll never catch him now.

UPDATE: My wonderful Twitter friend @BookEmDonna kindly blogged about the mouse trilogy. Check her out here:

5 thoughts on “Super Mouse Made a Friend

  1. OMG – too funny! You are going to have to get them matching sweaters now!

    On the serious side, if a mouse can fit his skull through a hole he’s in. We’ve had to resort to using sticky traps – grim, I know, but I live in a wooded area and around here if you let one in, the word goes out on the mouseternet and they are all lined up, teeny covered wagons in tow, carrying teeny little orange flags to mark out their territories when they get inside. And yes, dead meeses are stinky; diaper pail whiff at first, rotting fish head next and just when you think you can’t stand it anymore, the smell disappears overnight. Gross, but tolerable.

    One the one hand, I hope you keep Stuart (as in Little) around, just so you can continue to entertain us, but on the other I would hate for you to wake up in the middle of the night some weekend to the sounds of a Monster Mouse Rally between your walls!

    • Ha! We live in a pre-war condo building in Boston. We’ve already started to hear noises from inside the ceiling on occasion. It’s bitter cold and there are a million ways for them to get in. In addition, almost every person in our building is owned by a dog or two (yep, they own us) so there isn’t much pest control could do even if we got desperate. So long as it doesn’t crawl into bed with us, he’ll be okay. 😉

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