Domestically Disabled

I know I haven’t been very active (okay, active at all) on here lately. I apologize for that and can only offer the usual weak excuses that I’ve been busy with work, school and real estate. The real estate portion is over now – we sold our condo in June and bought the new loft in September. Whew!

Since then we’ve had some more big life events like my husband getting laid off and (thank God) quickly finding a new, better job. The new, better job means that he travels four days a week though. My being left unsupervised has led to some silliness, the latest of which being that I recently baked a $36 pan of brownies.

I was more or less done with my homework for the week and knew that I’d be bored that night, so when I saw the muffin top pans at Marshalls I got excited. It was one of those neato non-stick pans that make six perfect little muffin tops without any of the boring leftovers; I was sold. Smiling like an idiot, I paid for my new prized possession and started walking over to the supermarket for muffin mix. This is when things start to get stupid.

To make a long story short, I’ll summarize with the email I sent to my husband:

I randomly got it into my head to make muffins so I went and found a muffin top pan ($5.99) on my lunch break. Of course we don’t have a mixing bowl so I bought that too ($6.99). Then I was walking to Shaws to get muffin mix and vegetable oil but thought CVS might have it – they only had brownie mix. So THEN I bought that and went BACK to Marshalls and got a brownie tray ($7.99). Try not to kill me; you like brownies, right? Brownies!

This was just two days after he hinted that maybe I shouldn’t keep buying things on my lunch break when I get bored. The brownies came out awesome, by the way.

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