More Whimpering and a Partial Tour of My Loft


It still smells like I’m living in an auto body shop which is really unpleasant. After basically freaking out on every social media channel I’ve gotten some advice to follow. Several people told me to place sliced onion in small bowls of water inside and on top of the locker. Reluctantly and a bit quizzically I’ve just finished doing that and crossing my fingers that it will absorb the smell rather than adding to it.

I figured I’d post some pictures to show the final placement that I fought for as well as a few shots of my loft to explain why I thought this particular piece of furniture was a good idea. I’d love to get your feedback and see if you agree. Sorry the photos are a little dark. We have a million windows in here with southern exposure (okay, 8) and they make it really hard to get a good shot.

This was where I thought the console table was going all along (and where it finally ended up). Note the little dachshund prince who is bored with this whole thing. He’d like me to sit down or throw a baby.


Slightly improved version of this picture:


The rest of the living room area. We’re planning to start a slate tile installation floor to ceiling on the wall with the TV soon. I’m nervous about it though because what if it doesn’t look like we thought it would?


We have a lot of wood components and the dining table isn’t quite as modern as I wanted it to be so I thought a modern industrial console table would help even that out. Also, I thought introducing a new medium (more metal) would keep things interesting and play off of the metal accents on other pieces.


Our kitchen, which isn’t really relevant, but I thought I may as well post it since it’s all visible at the same time with the open layout.


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