Mouse Update

The mouse is not trapped under the cabinets. Nor is it starving.

Living in Boston we have limited cabinet space so we’ve resorted to storing the dog food in the oven while not in use. We have a separate container that we fill for daily feedings. Tonight we’re making enchilada lasagna which requires the use of not-oft-exercised oven.

As I was emptying it to pre-heat, I discovered a hole had been chewed in the bag of dog food. This is Super Mouse. His love of dog food is such that he has found a way in and out of our oven. The little bugger is teleporting.

I’m standing there telling husband about my findings and he’s telling me no way when the mouse darts out from behind the oven and hangs a hard right around the corner. Our little doxie does see it this time and semi-quickly follows it into the bathroom.

Guess what? We can’t tell where the damn thing is. Husband concludes that he must be under the sink so he opens the cabinet and conducts a search only to remember that the cabinet is full of stuff – mostly mine. He begins an expedition which mostly involves picking up random objects and asking what they are and why I need them.

Finally, he points to a box of tampons. “I get those. I don’t get the rest of this shit.” And with that, he gives up.

We went back to cooking and put the food in the oven (it smells delicious).

Long story short, we need not have worried. The mouse is in the hizzouse.

And apparently he didn’t get my note.

P.S. I found a place to buy him clothes.

3 thoughts on “Mouse Update

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